Vi Huynh

Daily Point of Light # 4287 Jul 13, 2010

Hands On Northeast Ohio (NEO) was founded in Greater Cleveland in 2007, and since its inception Vi Huynh has been invloved.

She has volunteered and supported children at an innovative charter school, as well as dogs at a local animal shelter. Additionally, when he saw a void in Volunteer Leadership in Cleveland, Vi stepped up to lead numerous programs within the community.

Trained as one of Hands On NEO's first Volunteer Leaders, Vi now manages others in service. A good snapshot of the important nature of Vi's volunteering can be seen in his involvement in a Saturday tutoring program. Responding to an emergent need of the Cleveland Municipal School District, Vi’s service benefitted children at a local charter school that is transforming urban education in Cleveland. He gave over 40 hours of service helping over 22 students with math and reading.

Furthermore, Vi has devoted countless hours and energy towards recruiting and motivating other individuals, business and civic groups to get involved with Hands On Northeast Ohio programs. He also served on a committee which brought a free health care event to Cleveland that served over 2,000 people.

Vi has also served as a volunteer and Volunteer Leader for a dog walking project with the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. Through his service he is addressing the community problem of adoption preparation for animals who are neglected and mistreated. Vi's service and leadership has helped to make the dogs more adoptable through walking and training. He alone has walked close to 60 dogs as part of a project that impacted over 350 dogs over the course of a year.