Daily Point of Light # 3025 Sep 8, 2005

There is a man who read in the newspaper about a unique school in Indianapolis. The next day he came down to the school and asked how he could help out. And that’s how it started…

Since then Larry Sievers, retired CFO, has been a steadfast volunteer of The Oaks Academy. This small Christ-centered school provides a rich, classical education to children of diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our goal is to prepare and launch them into a rigorous secondary educational program and to demonstrate spiritual, social and emotional maturity.

The Oaks started with little money, only 52 students (now 240) and a great deal of hope that our students would prevail and restore the community by the resources of the community.

For the past three years Larry has provided indispensable service to the school. He managed the school’s first-ever independent audit, developed our first-ever staff handbook, advises school leadership on all financial matters, consistently offers new ideas, contacts and insight to better our school’s management. On average, Larry is with us from 20-30 hours a week with each time driving about 15 miles to and from the urban school.

Larry’s work ethic is exceptional, his attitude is great, his demeanor is quiet and confident and his presence is friendly. He’s a kind man with such an incredible host of gifts to share with the school. Students and staff are so thankful for his continued, unwavering dedication to be part of this special school.