Leadership 101

Daily Point of Light # 3742 Jun 6, 2008

The Leadership 101 SE of Saline High School began their quest to make a difference and encourage others to follow their lead in the Fall of 2007.

The idea of "Going Green with Southeast of Saline" led to research and discussion of what could be done at school to save our natural resources. After identifying possible projects and armed with information and a Power Point presentation, Leadership 101 appeared before the USD 306 Board of Education. They stated their desire to begin a recycling program in the school. They started out collecting white paper, and then later added newspaper and color paper.

The recycling project was not the only way Leadership 101 has involved themselves and other youth in service work. At the beginning of the 2007 football season, two families with financial needs were identified. One family has a child named Chloe with a terminal illness and the other family had an unborn child with serious medical problems.

Leadership 101, along with friends of Rachel, created the "Chain of Kindness." Links were made and sold at school functions. Pink links were sold for Chloe and blue links were for David, the infant. As the links were sold, they were joined to form a chain. At the end of the fundraiser, $3,000 was raised for Chloe and $700 for David. An additional $200 was designated for future projects.

Leadership 101 students decided to hold a food drive. The food would be donated to the local food bank. The project was held January 29 – February 14. In order to involve other area youth, the class initiated a 'contest' with a rival school. Culminating at a basketball game between Southeast of Saline and the rival, the food drive provided relief for many in need, collecting nearly 6,000 items.