Sharon Oberne

Daily Point of Light # 3743 Jun 9, 2008

Sharon Oberne is the sponsor of the “After-Breakfast Buddy Reading Club” at Willoughby Elementary School. The “After-Breakfast Buddy Reading Club,” began in January 2007. Sharon volunteers her time to facilitate this popular club for first and second grade students. She wanted students to have the opportunity to have fun while reading books, skits and choral readings on a daily basis. Students can read with a small group, with a partner or by themselves. They meet for twenty minutes in the morning, after the first bell.

Reading materials are carefully placed in large envelopes and rotated among the groups. Each envelope contains two independent leveled books, the Buddy Club Book of Rimes and a choral reading or skit. Sharon, who is a published author, writes the Buddy Club Book of Rimes along with some choral readings and skits.

Students gain more than just a love for reading; they learn how to socialize with others. Since students are not 'locked-in' to any group, they have the option to join other groups or work with a different partner.

In April 2007, Andy Fox for My Hampton Roads, a segment produced by Wavy TV 10, interviewed Sharon. My Hampton Roads showcases individuals who make a difference in the Hampton Roads Community. Sharon was nicknamed, “The Pied Piper of Reading.”