Daily Point of Light # 2835 Dec 16, 2004

Leah Shrum has donated countless hours with the Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship organization since its inception four years ago. The main focus of her work is to provide people living with disabilities the opportunity to ride horses. Ms. Shrum meets with riders and instructs them for up to six hours at a time. She also trains the animals, cares for them and coordinates the veterinarian and farrier care.

Through Ms, Shrum’s work, she has touched the lives of countless children and adults who would not have the ability to ride horses without this outstanding program. She has also deeply impacted the lives of the families who commonly cry out in joy when they see what their loved ones can accomplish on horseback.

Ms. Shrum continues to work hard to advance this program even in the face of adversity. There have been two other programs like this that have failed before, but her dedication and hard work have made the Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship Organization an amazing success. The program began with only one rider and now has blossomed to 15 with 45 additional students on the waiting list. In light of this, Ms. Shrum is pushing ahead to expand the program to let others with disabilities take advantage of this wonderful program.

While spending an enormous amount of her time with the Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship Organization she has also found time to volunteer in countless other programs. Ms. Shrum is currently the President of a School Board, an assistant basketball coach, a minister, a volunteer school nurse and she works with a local junior youth group and helps assists other organizations in writing grants. Her boundless energy and willingness to help the community has been an inspiration to everyone she meets.