Lena Illig

Daily Point of Light # 5013 Aug 1, 2013

Lena Illig of Anchorage, Alaska has a passion for law enforcement. At 18 years-old, Illig became a victim of domestic violence, and the experience has turned her into a passionate and emphatic volunteer for organizations like the Anchorage Police Department, Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis, Planned Parenthood, and Standing Together Against Rape.

Illig works directly with people hurt by sexual violence as a crisis hotline counselor for Standing Together Against Rape (STAR). She received the Spirit of Youth Award for her work as a counselor for STAR. As a volunteer for the Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis and Planned Parenthood, she is an advocate for reproductive justice and educates others on sexual health.

Additionally, Illig volunteers with the Anchorage Police Department Search Team and aids police with missing person reports, search and rescues, and evidence searches. Recently, Illig started a scholarship foundation through the Anchorage Police Department Search Team, called the APDST College Funding, which is open for college students pursuing careers in law enforcement, emergency services, or a related field.

Illig is an inspiration and a shining example to her fellow peers because of the active community service and difference she has made in Alaska. Illig is dedicated to giving back to the community through law enforcement and providing financial assistance to college students interested in making a difference through law enforcement, emergency services, and firefighting.

Dev Staff