Jennifer Arnold

Daily Point of Light # 5012 Jul 31, 2013

Jennifer Arnold is a vital member of HandsOn Northeast Ohio’s Volunteer Leader team. She is a shining example of a civically engaged volunteer and community leader.

Arnold has served as a volunteer for HandsOn Northeast Ohio (NEO) since June of 2009. In October 2012, Arnold increased her service with the organization and became a volunteer leader. As a volunteer leader, Arnold responds to a diverse array of community needs. Her continued leadership with projects at HandsOn NEO provides a great value to the community.

Arnold consistently supports a small food pantry that delivers to seniors and individuals with limited mobility residing in a public housing complex. Additionally, she regularly supports a monthly game night at an emergency family homeless shelter in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Most recently, she helped to plan the 2013 Homeless Stand Down—a two-day event that provides individuals, families, and veterans experiencing homelessness access to resources and social service agencies. Arnold’s planning, support, and leadership helped to serve more than 1,600 individuals experiencing homelessness.

Dev Staff