Daily Point of Light # 3600 Nov 21, 2007

Lenise has served as a volunteer for a literacy agency for a little over a year. This might not seem to be a very long time, but the intensity of her service and the number of hours she has given to her volunteer assignment make her a truly outstanding volunteer! Lenise started as a tutor assisting the teacher of a GED class, provided for us by the Cobb Literacy Council. Lenise spends two mornings a week working with several adults with mental health disabilities, trying to help them improve their math and reading skills. In addition to the time spent working with he students at the center, Lensie also spent time preparing for the lessons.

After the first of this year, the Cobb Literacy Council learned they could no longer fund the GED teacher because most of the students in the class were not at a level where they could be preparing to take the GED. This was very disappointing news for us all, but especially for the students. They felt they were making progress and doing something worthwhile with their time. They were also benefiting greatly from the attention they were receiving from their teachers!

Lenise decided to take over the class as a volunteer, since the GED teacher had to leave. We decided it should be considered an Adult Basic Education Class. Lenise at times single-handedly attempted to teach the students at their own levels. These students are at a variety of levels and abilities. Since we did not have funds for supplies, Lenise frequently made up her own math problems and reading worksheets! This required many hours of prep time every week. Some days another volunteer would show up to assist with the class itself, but some times Lenise would be on her own.

Several months ago, we were awarded a grant by the Cobb Literacy Council for this Adult Basic Education Class. This has meant that Lensie can now shop for workbooks, reproduction books, dictionaries, atlases, and other supplies. She has spent many hours attempting to find the most appropriate materials at the most reasonable prices. She is required to keep an account of what she spends and does an excellent job of this as well.

The diligence and enthusiasm Lenise has exhibited through all of this time has been phenomenal! She is considered an amazing by all who have worked with her or benefited from her devoted service.


Dev Staff