Lily Densmore

Daily Point of Light # 5929 Feb 3, 2017

When Lily Densmore learned that an estimated 680,000 children were the victims of child abuse each year and that most of those kids ended up in the foster care system, the Girl Scout Cadette felt compelled to act. She contacted the Annapolis, Md.-based Blue Ribbon Project, an organization that provides support and outreach to abused children. Lily pledged to donate 500 backpacks filled with supplies to their Backpacks of Love program. The backpacks are handed out to kids entering the foster care system and contain a variety of items, including; toothbrushes, soap, hairbrushes, clothing, and age appropriate books and toys.

So far, Lily has engaged more than 200 young people and 50 adults at various events to donate materials and help pack more than 300 backpacks. She’s also working on an instruction video for Backpacks of Love that will show other volunteers how to properly pack a backpack.

Jia Gayles