Linda Fawkes

Daily Point of Light # 5536 Aug 4, 2015

For many students, the difference between success and failure in the classroom relies heavily on the amount of extra attention they are given. Just an extra hour of tutoring alone can produce positive results. While there is always a concern and a need to improve adolescent education, simply spending a little more time with a student can make a world of the difference.
Linda Fawkes, a volunteer savant, is fully aware that being there for a child can have a lasting and beneficial effect. Whether it is tutoring for a particular subject or just overall mentoring and guidance, Fawkes knows first-hand the impact it brings.
When the San Francisco Education Fund launched its new Literacy Program, specifically aimed at low-scoring elementary schools, Fawkes was among the first to sign up. Though the program requires its volunteers to commit just a minimum of one hour per week for two students, such limitations does not exist for Fawkes. She is consistently available throughout the entire week, helping students and teachers with any and everything.
“Let’s just say Linda is a bit of an overachiever,” said Thomas Laursen, the Senior Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at the San Francisco Education Fund.
Laursen knows all too well the commitment and dedication Fawkes has for her students. Beyond just tutoring, Fawkes seems to adopt a matriarchal role for many of her less fortunate students. When she is not busy helping a child with their reading, she may be found chaperoning field trips or even taking the time to wash students’ uniforms.
Fawkes volunteers her time for no other reason than to truly make a difference. While it is difficult to prove her direct impact, it’s no surprise that those who participate in the Literacy Program have shown improvements in their reading and writing skills.

Dev Staff