Austin Atteberry

Daily Point of Light # 5537 Aug 5, 2015

Music's sole purpose is not limited to just entertainment; the power of song can actually inspire the spirit. Nashville songwriter, Austin Atteberry, has seen that inspiration first-hand.
After a random but humbled visit to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Atteberry walked away with a new found appreciation for life, and a new calling. Equipped with just a guitar and his voice, Atteberry was able to bring joy to these young patients through musical expression. While he has always loved to compose music, this particular experience was life-changing.

austin_atteberry_pic.jpgAustin Atteberry with his wife,Sara Doschadis.

In 2011, sparked by that visit to the Children's Hospital, Atteberry, along with his wife, Sara Doschadis, started the Sing Me a Story Foundation.
"I created Sing Me a Story to bring a voice to the voiceless children throughout the world," says Atteberry.
The premise of the program is to reach out to children's homes, hospitals and hospice organizations, to get kids all around the world to write and illustrate any story they can possibly imagine. The stories are then distributed amongst a team of songwriters, who turn them into songs, record them and then send them back for the children and their families to enjoy.
Fans, friends and family are able to listen to these child-inspired tunes, and even purchase them on the foundation's website, with all proceeds going to operational costs and partnering organizations.
“The imagination of children who have fallen victim to circumstance has the power to capture what is common and pure in us all,” adds Atteberry.

austin_atteberry_pic_2.jpgAtteberry helps children express themselves through song and in doing so brings immese much joy to them and their families.

In less than five years, Sing Me a Story has built an extensive network of more than 1,500 songwriters working with 50 organizations. Atteberry and company continues to uplift the spirits of all, bringing happiness to those children less fortunate.

Dev Staff