Kimberly Felshaw

Daily Point of Light # 5538 Aug 6, 2015

The life-changing event of ‘expecting a child’ can be a very tiring and worrisome process. While it is definitely a time of joy and blessings, at the same time it is a period of non-stop doctor visits, financial obligations and just countless concerns. For military  personnel and their families, this beautiful struggle is no different.
Kimberly Felshaw is a staunch supporter of all military and first response services. As Founder and CEO of Operation Showers of Appreciation (OASMIL)  Felshaw has dedicated much of her time giving back to those in need. Understanding the difficulties that come along with a child birth, OASMIL provides support to military and their families by offering baby showers to new and expectant mothers.

This idea for OSAMIL came to Felshaw almost 10 years ago. After losing her child to a terminal illness, Felshaw was overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of support in her time of need. Faced with the toughest obstacle of her life, Felshaw used her personal tragedy as a tool to inspire.

Since 2006, OASMIL has assisted over 7,200 military and first responder families. The program is in place to help these families with the array of issues that come along with child expectancy. For instance, the Got You Covered Diaper Program has been a success, limiting the expenditures of families by providing diapers. For issues in which OASMIL can’t provide immediate assistance, they do provide an outlet of resources geared to helping these families.

Felshaw and the efforts of OASMIL is providing a serious need for those whose job it is to serve and give back. OASMIL is just a small token of appreciation and a great way to say ‘thank you’ for all that they do.

Dev Staff