Daily Point of Light # 2522 Oct 6, 2003

Lindley Mayer, 14, an eighth-grader at Riverside Middle School in Greer, volunteers as a fundraiser and the “spokeschild” for the Children’s Miracle Network. Lindley also developed “Wings of L.O.V.E.,” a brochure and program designed to educate the public and encourage others to be kind to disabled children. L.O.V.E. stands for laughter, optimism, volunteerism and enthusiasm, qualities Lindley says “help children rise above disabilities and other problems they face.” As spokeschild for the Children’s Miracle Network, Lindley filmed a commercial, solicited donations and worked offstage during a telethon, visited hospitalized children, and assisted other patients attending a network camp. “Beyond a doubt, I was inspired to do this because I have two younger siblings who suffer from a rare kidney syndrome,” Lindley said. “They are both non-verbal and I have been their voice for years. Children’s Miracle Network and ‘Wings of L.O.V.E.’ were the ways I found I could be a voice for them.”