Lisa Stordahl

Daily Point of Light # 4820 Jul 30, 2012

Lisa Stordahl volunteers to address many needs in her community from youth homelessness and hunger, to at-risk teens who are suicidal, cutters, depressed, violent and come from unhealthy family situations. She has been a leader in Girl Scouts for 11 years, addressing the needs of girls.

Stordahl not only devotes many hours a week to volunteering but her chosen career is also with a nonprofit that provides no and low-cost healthcare to teens and young adults. She has an attitude of gratitude, always serving and giving to others. She also leads the community foundation of the sixth largest city in the State of Minnesota, a foundation that was established to assist nonprofits in the community that are doing great things for others and need resources to continue.

She has worked tirelessly on a new youth homelessness initiative to raise awareness and money for the issue.