Daniel Belgrad

Daily Point of Light # 4819 Jul 27, 2012

The graduation rate last year in the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) was 56 percent. The previous year, the dropout rate was more than 25 percent. Daniel Belgrad and S.H.O.W. (Students Helping Our World) are combating those alarming numbers

S.H.O.W. is unique because of its peer-to-peer mission. It was started by students and is run by students to help other students. Belgrad formed committees of 50 students at each of the four schools the program has a presence as well as a leadership committee. They meet regularly to discuss how to raise awareness of S.H.O.W. and of the upcoming rewards. The student leaders have become empowered students at their own schools encouraging their peers to keep SHOWing up. By positive and supportive measures, the students are responding and improving. S.H.O.W. is utilizing the power of the Mayor and the city, the partnership and the support of generous individuals in Los Angeles to raise awareness of the problems in education. S.H.O.W. was never meant to be a solution to the education crisis. It is a tool to bring the community together and show that people care and want to help.

In the four schools that S.H.O.W. is working in, the students who achieved a 96 percent attendance rate last year ranged from 29-71 percent. Even more staggering is that Jordan High School, one of the schools Belgrad is working with, had a mere 29 percent of their students reach a 96 percent attendance rate last year. Low attendance rates lead to higher drop out rates and result in lower job prospects, and lower prospects for a better life. The problems are real. S.H.O.W. would like to increase attendance rates and improve grades while building a community of support and inspiring kids to believe in themselves.