Sherry Szczuka

Daily Point of Light # 4818 Jul 26, 2012

The Court of Chancery appoints guardians for people who are disabled due to infirmity and age.
These people are vulnerable adults who rely on their guardians to take care of them properly. The court utilizes volunteers like Sherry Szczuka to make visits to each person and ensure their wellbeing.

Szczuka makes field visits to persons subject to guardianship in the state of Delaware residing in the community, nursing facilities and group homes. She serves as the “eyes and ears” of the court and reports on the well-being and living environment of each ward. She reports to the court any issues the guardian or ward may have and follows up accordingly and goes above and beyond her duties.
Szczuka is both unique and special because she took it upon herself to take on more than 100 cases on her own.