Daily Point of Light # 1794 Dec 19, 2000

“Going the extra mile�Eexemplifies Lou Codella’s way of life. A young graduate student in Albany, New York attributed his success ability to focus on Codella. He advised he had no role models throughout his life, but when he was at The Children’s Village, Lou Codella had faith in him. Codella’s influence on the student’s life helped him to press on and persevere.

Lou Codella has spent the last 23 years working with young men at Butler Cottage and The Children’s Village. He spends about 25 hours weekly with the boys and makes time to take them on outings like rafting, baseball games and other youth gatherings.

Codella also volunteers at The Children’s Village events such as the annual Circus, Santa’s Store and Alumni Picnics. He has personally touched the lives of hundreds of residents as well as the staff at The Village. He graciously gives up some of his summer vacation time to take the boys to camp. He is dependable and can always be counted on to transport the youth back and forth, which is five hours of driving each way. On Friday evenings, Codella finds youth rallies and spiritually uplifting events for the young men to attend. His loyalty to the residents extends to visiting youth correctional facilities, meeting teachers, social workers, psychologists and staff to offer support when needed. Many young men have been affected by his presence, and his influence, friendship and values make him an extraordinary role model.

In addition to working at the Village, Codella serves as a volunteer chaplain at the Woodfield Detention Center in Valhalla, teaches Bible study classes there, and he travels to visit and counsel sentenced youth in the facility. He also volunteers with Angel Tree Ministry, Port Chester Housing Project Ministry, and the Christian Youth Ministry of the Lower East Side. In these ministries, his focus is to show unconditional love to deprived and hurting children by sharing the love of God.

Codella has used his life to make a difference in the lives of young men who may have been forgotten or have fallen through the cracks of society. He stresses hope and lives by example. He is excited about making a change in someone’s life and helping them to understand they are great and capable of great things.