Daily Point of Light # 1795 Dec 20, 2000

Lynn Goldstein was a 62 year-old who was used to working long days as an entrepreneur. When it was time to retire, he was able to give more time doing what he has always wanted to do – volunteer in his community.

Goldstein retired in 1994 and began working at the Jewish Family Service’s (JFS) food pantry in the Dallas area. The pantry donates conned goods and other food products to those in need that reside in the 15 North Dallas zip codes. Each Tuesday, Goldstein picks up bread from a local outlet store, helps sack it, helps stock, and also helps prepare the pantry for the incoming recipients. Each month, over 1,400 people are served, and he takes just as much pride in his service work as he did running his own business.

Goldstein works about four hours per week with JFS. After his jobs are completed at the pantry, he delivers the leftover bread from the pantry to children at the Vickery Meadow After School Program. He began his service at the Meadow when he began tutoring elementary school students in reading and math. When working with the at-risk students, he saw that some of the children could benefit from the additional bread and take home to their families. Because he stayed in touch with what was going on with the children, his efforts acted as a catalyst for JFS to soon begin an on-site distribution of food at Vickery Meadow.

JFS has a Partner-in-Conversation program that tutors non-American non-English speaking families. Because of Goldstein’s interest in tutoring English, it was a given that he become a part of the program as a tutor. He listens to those who need tutoring. They learn not only English but about America, and he, in turn, learns about their lives and cultures. Goldstein worked with one family in the program for a year as opposed to the average of a couple of months. He was dedicated to the family and wanted them to get as much as he could from him.

One of Goldstein’s greatest qualities is being a man of action as opposed to talk. He is a problem solver, organizer, and definitely a go-getter. In addition to serving with JFS, he has worked with the National Council of Jewish Women, the Advisory Board of the Dallas Municipal Library, chairs two Temple Emanuel committees, and volunteers during a North Dallas public radio and television station’s fundraising appeals.