Lou Epps

Daily Point of Light # 1092 Apr 10, 1998

Lou Epps has been doing volunteer work in rural Texas for about 15 years, the last year as a Texas VISTA Health Corps Volunteer. After teaching kindergarten in Houston for 25 years, Ms. Epps shifted her focus to empowering the Crockett community by building partnerships among groups who have traditionally operated independently of each other, such as businesses, churches, health agencies, schools and community groups.

Ms. Epps has worked with a variety of programs that address health issues as well as working on her own. She advocates immunization services and participates in a Breast Feeding Project. She also works to improve literacy and keep drop-outs and drug users off the streets, helping them to find jobs and finish school.

Several community needs are addressed by Ms. Epps. The community is safer and children and women's health issues are met because of her dedicated work. Her guidance has helped people find jobs and stay healthy. Her main goal is the empowerment of others. She is constantly on the lookout for people who need help. She'll ask someone on the street if their child is immunized, she'll call someone to see if they filled out their job application yet. Her motivation, sincerity, and expertise have been crucial to the success of the Texas VISTA Health Corps Program and the well-being of the people in the Crockett area.