Joanne Kendall

Daily Point of Light # 1091 Apr 9, 1998

In the summer of 1985, Joanne Kendall, along with other concerned community members, co-founded Open House Ministries to provide temporary housing for people in need.

In addition to temporary housing, Open House Ministries provides counseling, case management, child and adult education, medical care, group therapy and job skill training. In December of 1996, a new 107-bed facility was opened to accommodate the program's growth. More than 75 people from the community volunteer their time at Open House Ministries.

The heart of the program is case management for every family that comes through the doors. Case management entails goal setting, job placement and personal evaluation. Approximately eight out of 10 people who come to the program leave with jobs.

Another main objective is to provide temporary shelter while preserving the individual's personal independence. Tenants are expected to take care of the facility as if it were their own home. From October 1995 to September 1996, Open House Ministries helped 359 people.

Open House Ministries provides its services daily. Funding comes from donations via individuals, churches, businesses, clubs and grants.