Lou Mallow

Daily Point of Light # 3669 Feb 26, 2008

From the nominator:

“Lou began as a volunteer with the Red Cross as an Amateur Radio Operator in 2003. Earlier this year we asked him if he would assist us in Staff Services and database maintenance, and he accepted. I was surprised at how quickly he picked up the concept and I noticed that he was extremely self-motivated. Although he originally agreed to work two days a week, he willingly expanded his time commitment and now works Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Streamlining the process of disaster volunteer intake has been his major goal and he is doing an amazing job in collaborating with other departments to find the best solution.

The intake process is very important during times of disaster because it allows us to keep an accurate record of all volunteers who serve with us during a specific event. Lou understood this need immediately and responded with new ways to input/process volunteers year-round. On top of all this, Lou is extremely pleasant and easy to work with, and his amiable personality has made us all grateful for his presence at the Chapter.”