Lynn Medow

Daily Point of Light # 5636 Dec 22, 2015
Lynn Medow

The health benefits of holistic methods are undeniable. Yoga in particular creates harmony in both the body and mind while bring strength and awareness. For many people, yoga is an essential part of their daily routine; providing a crucial workout for the body while bringing a sense of balance. However, not everyone has access to these kinds of holistic healing approaches.

In 2011, Lynn Medow recognized this need and began the Yoga by Design Foundation(YBD) . YBD is a non-profit organization that offers and abundance of healing and life management skills such as stress reduction, improved fitness, management of chronic diseases and PTSD, as well as tools for self-care and self-control all through yoga.

Yoga helps offer life training, life-management tools, reducing stress, anxiety and even health care costs. Through Yoga students learn to release anger and pain, identify strengths and create confidence to make real change in their lives. Yoga helps at-risk youth shift their attitudes and behavior, human trafficking victims sleep again, children with obesity learn to appreciate their bodies, and veterans improve in their ability to 'stand down' from PTSD.

The YBD Foundation has nine different programs for abused and neglected children, political refugees, victims of human trafficking, homeless and runaway youth, and veterans. Since 2011 over 350 people have been served by the YBD Foundation, and currently 125 people participate in the nine ongoing programs in South Michigan.

Medow’s work with Yoga by Design is truly extraordinary. Not only has she created the foundation but over time she has donated thousands of hours to manage the finances, seek funding, review all requests, and even accepting awards on the foundation’s behalf. In 2014, Medow and Yoga by Design raised $25,000 towards their yoga programs.

Medow has taken extraordinary steps in assuring that the healing benefits if yoga is available to all. She is deeply dedicated to healing communities by empowering people through yoga-giving them opportunity to change their lives for the good.

Dev Staff