Mallory Myers

Daily Point of Light # 4097 Oct 16, 2009

Mallory serves as executive director for The Big Event at Texas A & M University. The mission of The Big Event is to build a sense of community between local residents and the student population of the huge university and also to meet needs in College Station, Texas. The Big Event works toward creating a sense of family between the University and the community through volunteer efforts such as painting a children’s recreation center and simply spending time with a widow.

In her role, Mallory motivates, provides direction and ensures that every decision, action and completed project supports the mission for The Big Event. Her passion for the program inspires all of the 160 staff members she oversees, and her enthusiasm extends to the 6,000 Aggie students she motivates to join the effort each year. Residents look forward to participating in the event with students as well, and it is Mallory’s efforts that have given The Big Event such a wonderful reputation among both students and community members.

Additionally, Mallory advises fundraising efforts, and the event has reached its $70,000.00 goal each year under her leadership. Mallory also serves on the student government association at Texas A&M. Mallory’s inspiration for service began when she traveled on a mission trip with her church in the 8th grade. She served as a Spanish interpreter on the trip and saw the importance of closing gaps in communication. After that experience, she committed herself to connecting and bridging gaps between groups, organizations or people to bring about change and unification. Mallory is a true leader who never loses sight of the need to build communities, cultures and organizations.