Peggy Burns

Daily Point of Light # 4098 Oct 19, 2009

Tax season has never been a celebration for many. Imagine after crunching numbers for the whole day then volunteering to provide tax services to the underprivileged. Well, this is what Peggy Burns do as a site coordinator for the VITA, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, in Bay City, MI.

As site coordinator, Peggy trains volunteers in the IRS taxwise program; but during the day, Peggy works at Sciloli & Associates. Managing her time between the two jobs shows the amount of concern for others Peggy has.

Through the VITA program and with Peggy’s help, low income clients are able to receive tax services for free from skilled associates. Clients are ensured to receive the maximum refund. Overall, the VITA program has brought no less than 1.4 million dollars in tax credits/refunds each year. Such success has caused the sites to expand to a total of five locations along with longer hours.

With such success, families are now able to get their refunds free of charge, which most often goes to food, medical and energy expenses. Peggy is providing services both to the American public and government.