Daily Point of Light # 2871 Feb 4, 2005

Dr. Asperilla is an inspiration to all in his community. He has shown an ongoing relationship and community mobilization. His direction to the indigent, the disabled and disadvantages has always been evident. He tirelessly commits and devotes his time, energy, and finances to the betterment of all.

Most recently, following the devastation of Hurricane Charley, Dr. Asperilla, as the Medical Director for the St. Vincent DePaul Pharmacy, instituted an emergency prescription service, and personally saw patients affected by the storm. Dr. Asperilla has been a driving force in the volunteer coordination of the ten-county disaster recovery group. His efforts include implementing a mobile pharmacy and freestanding volunteer health clinic at the FEMA Park located on Airport Road in Punta Gorda.

Although the local HIV/AIDS clinic was destroyed by Hurricane Charley, Dr. Asperilla worked to provide services. He applied for and obtained a United Way grant, enabling him to secure a trailer so patients could receive much needed treatment. He also enlisted the Charlotte County Ministerial Association to provide counseling and support.

Those in need know Dr. Asperilla will be there and find a way to help. He works one-on-one to provide medical care to the disadvantaged, including those disabled and homeless. He is sure to be the core person in coordinating the delivery of medical supplies to the homeless, equipment, such as wheelchairs for the Southwest Florida Disability members, and multiple services to any patient in need.

Dr. Asperilla’s charity work exceeds the boundaries of comprehension. He exemplifies advocacy, innovative ideals, compassion, respect for life, integrity and high ethical morals and standards.