Marie Bergan

Daily Point of Light # 3257 Jul 31, 2006

Marie Bergan was born in Fort Peck, MT and for the past seventeen years has lived Seeley Lake, MT. The family lives on The Double Arrow Residential where a considerable number are retirees. She is known by most in Seely Lake because of her generosity; she gives freely of her talents, abilities and time.

Bergan has been a member of the Double Arrow Landowners Association for 12 years and has been on the Architectural Control Committee for six years. She has been an active member of The Senior Center for 10 years. Many of those years, she has served as a board member in different positions. These include committee chairman of Fund Raising, Social Director, and at present Nutrition chairman.

Bergan spearheaded a special fundraiser. The Seeley Lake Cook Book had recently been published. Bergan advised every one of the importance of selling your share or purchasing some. Because of her dedication, almost $3,000 was raised to benefit the general fund for needed repairs and maintenance.

One of Bergan’s favorite programs has been helping first graders with their early attempts at reading as well as praising their advancement at the end of the year. She enjoys spending time with the children and being able to nurture them and aid them during the formative stage of their development.

The local food bank is another area where she spends many hours. She distributes food for those who are in need for themselves or/their families. For the past two years she has been co-chair of The American Red Cross blood drive in Seeley Lake. This is a bi-annual project.

Bergan has a good deal of friends who are inspired by her service. She is eager to help them, also, if they are in need. Bergan and her husband have been known to spend many hours at the bedside of friends who are experiencing health difficulties. She could gather a committee in a hurry to arrange for memorial which sometimes included a lunch. This could be for deceased members of our organization, friends and acquaintances. Bergan is a proud member of Seely Lake who is always "on call" to help!