Mark Bentley

Daily Point of Light # 4799 Jun 29, 2012

Mark Bentley of Las Vegas, N.M. started officially volunteering eight years ago, yet community and lending a hand have always been a part of his subconscious. Before the bright lights of Vegas became “Sin City”, this diverse city in New Mexico was uniting behind its neighbors who needed it most.

His subconscious way of life turned conscious when he was asked to participate in the local Commission for Community Volunteerism. It only took one meeting for Bentley to realize how much the commission was responsible for and how crucial service programs, like AmeriCorps, were to the city’s well-being. The work of the commission was and still is, irreplaceable in the state of New Mexico.
Bentley spends his time supporting the efforts to build new programs. He’s thankful that their executive commissioner understands the value and critical importance of volunteerism – especially in a state as rural and poor as New Mexico.
Like so many who volunteer, Bentley believes his work with the commission has done more for him than any other single endeavor he’s taken on. He’s worked with incredible people, seen their time and energy create positive change and had the opportunity to travel to the National Conference on Volunteering and Service to engage with volunteers on a broader scale for a number of years.
Bentley sets his sights on working more with youth in the future. It’s his goal to help them understand the importance of education and set them on a path of success. He believes that young people are the future, and it is crucial for them to spend time and effort helping others; because if we don’t all do our part and lend a hand our country will be in serious trouble. That is what makes Mark a Daily Point of Light.