Mark Snaer

Daily Point of Light # 4798 Jun 28, 2012

Mark Snaer of Sacramento, Calif. currently devotes his time as the program director to the Senior Companion Program in his community where he connects seniors with other, more active seniors to provide support and encouragement as they strive to live their lives independently.

Mark was driven to volunteer because he genuinely cares for the people around him. He was raised in a family where helping your neighbor wasn’t an option, but an expectation. It’s second nature for him to see a need and make it his responsibility to help if he can.

His service has reached a wide-range of people in his community from reading to elementary school students, to designing programs to prepare teens for their job search, to connecting seniors with youth through the Foster Grandparents program.

Mark finds incredible joy in his work with fellow volunteers and believes a great vitality comes to people that spend a large part of their lives giving to others. A few years ago he had the privilege of working with a spirited 97-year-old woman who had been volunteering longer than the 49-year-old had been working professionally. He was amazed by her energy and life-long devotion to give back to others.

It’s his hope to continue his volunteer work and help build recognition for the importance of service. He wants to help others understand that there’s more to service than what meets the eye. There’s so much to gain and give and that is what makes Mark a Daily Poin of Light.