Marti Leishman

Daily Point of Light # 3305 Oct 4, 2006

Marti Leishman is an amazingly dedicated and outstanding third grade teacher. Leishman has so many wonderful qualities; it is difficult to put in words. However, she may be best described as a gifted and caring teacher who lives her life as a role model and works to inspire and mentor young people.

Along with being a third grade teacher, Leishman is a volunteer. She initiated a school-wide Walk and Talk program before school three days a week during the school year. The program was stared three years ago to provide all of the elementary students at Fort Calhoun Elementary School the opportunity to get exercise and work on social skills.

Leishman and a co-worker (Jean Herold) began the Walk and Talk program to address the growing problem of inactivity and physical exercise that affects so many youth today. The Walk and Talk program is all about focusing on fitness and fun. Leishman volunteers to come to work early three schooldays per week to devote to the students and her excitement for the program is contagious.

Leishman is the perfect example of what a positive impact volunteering can have on children. The children at Fort Calhoun Elementary School are thrilled to participate in the program and some of the Walk and Talk student participants have raised enough money to purchase odometers for next year. Though they have had fun, the children’s health has also benefited by this great time.

Marti Leishman is definitely a shining star in the world of dedicated volunteers. So many people appreciate all her hard work and dedication to her role as both a teacher and a volunteer. She is a hero in the eyes of many, making a huge difference in the everyday lives of our young children.