National Association of Charitable Photographers

Daily Point of Light # 3304 Oct 3, 2006

The National Association of Charitable Photographers (NAOCP) was established in March 2006. Two photographers wanted to help other professionals provide their services to people in dire situations at a time when lasting photo memories would mean something. NAOCP was created and organized for this purpose. Recognizing a need to make these services available to people who may or may not think of having photographs taken in their situation and knowing of a desire from professional photographers to serve those needs, the NAOCP came to be.

“There is an old Beatles song that has a line that says, ‘The more you give, the more you get in return,’ and so it is with my relationship with the Hospice of Metro Denver.” ~Jennie Murphy, Co-Founder, NAOCP

Photographers in NAOCP help people in many situations—from Hospice Care clients, NICU patients, children who are “hard to place” in state/agency adoptions with current photographs, to Military Personnel who are being deployed to dangerous areas. This is the “short” list of whom we help. Photographers representing NAOCP offer a free photo session, the CD with images to print, A CD slideshow set to music and a free 8×10 framed image to the service or agency in need. At no time may the photographer ask for money for this—it’s a free service. Many people in delicate situations have been grateful and cherished the memories that were captured, when at the time that was the last thing on their minds.

“As an adoptive parent of two beautiful children, I remember going through our parenting class and having them say ‘make sure to put photos on the wall right away!’ I can’t tell you how right that was. The minute we put photos on the wall, the children felt more a part of our home.” ~Cheryl Ogle, Co-Founder NAOCP

NAOCP helps to get photographers into their communities and they help people who are just starting out in the field to get to a point where they can do this work as a Professional. To reward their members for their efforts, community service and desire to give, NAOCP has secured many discounts and gifts to help their members do their job better and to encourage their participation. This is a real grassroots organization, and they rely on their members to help build this charity. The funding has been out-of-pocket from the organizers and they take no salary for this work. They accept only material donations for the Photographers who are involved.

Photographers in NAOCP truly believe “you get what you give,” and they give do much of themselves in doing this work because each client takes a little piece of you with them—but they give a piece of themselves to you. All of the photographers in NAOCP are honored to do this work and do it without hesitation.