Daily Point of Light # 1854 Mar 13, 2001

Martiel Mullis’ motivation to serve is not recognition, a “pat on the back,” or a paycheck. She is motivated by the sheer desire of making a difference in someone’s life, which in turn should make a difference in her community.

Mullis works twice a week with SHAREHOUSE Ministries. SHAREHOUSE provides food, clothing and emergency funds for the families in need in Lacey’s Spring. Mullis coordinates the efforts of several churches in the community in providing these services. She meets with each family or family representative to determine their needs and gives encouraging words that will uplift their spirits and minister to their souls as well as their physical needs.

The need for this service in Lacey’s Spring is very great. There are many families who are less fortunate and in a poverty situation due to layoffs, divorce, over extensions, and other situations. Mullis recognized the need and began a solution. She and a few other volunteers organized SHAREHOUSE and began to minister to hundreds of families in need.

SHAREHOUSE has been in existence for ten years and impacts the lives of an average of 70-80 families per month. Mullis not only tries to meet the immediate need of food and clothing, but she attempts to always do more. Each Monday and Wednesday, she is there and greets the families with a genuine, “how can I help you today?” She recognizes where she can offer assistance in getting jobs, education opportunities, and even sound advice. She is known in the elementary and junior high schools as much as in the community for her labor of love.

In addition to the weekly outreach, Mullis coordinates an annual SHAREHOUSE Christmas. This helps to provide children who are less fortunate with Christmas needs. She networks and works with various churches, businesses and individuals and determines needs and wants. The distribution is coordinated and the final product is hundreds of children having food, gifts of clothing, and other gifts for Christmas.