Mary Peone

Daily Point of Light # 3517 Jul 27, 2007

Mary Peone has been serving with Missoula Head Start since September of 2005. During the past two years, she has been a constant source of inspiration for the teachers, staff and students in the program. She is gifted when it comes to working with children, and the students with whom she works with absolutely love her.

Mary is the only Foster Grandparent with the Missoula Head Start program who works for two full classes. From 8:30-3:30 Mary provides an unending supply of patience and care to the students. She does many things to make the students feel special and especially cared for. Mary bakes cookies for the classrooms, provides fun activities for the students and is always willing to take time to work one-on-one with any student who is having a difficult day. Mary is a model for all of the Head Start volunteers as she is the embodiment of the virtues of patience, love and respect.

The quality and amount of service that Mary provides to Head Start sets her apart from many of the other volunteers. Her commitment to the Missoula community does not end when she leaves her school. May is then involved with other activities. She also volunteers with her church. Her service at church involves anything ranging from yard work to preparing pastries for bake sales.

Mary also donates time at the local chapter of Teen Challenge. She is called upon at any hour to do various duties. Mary does anything from coordinating clothing drives to providing rides for youth who want to attend Teen Challenge activities.

Mary is an example of an American with true volunteer spirit. She is dedicated and passionate about serving her community. Mary is an incredibly gifted human being who shares her gift of time with the children at Missoula’s Head Start, members of her church and Teen Challenge.