Bob McDuffie

Daily Point of Light # 3516 Jul 26, 2007

The Ronald McDonald House of Missoula opened in April of 2006. Since they opened their doors, volunteer Bob McDuffie has been a constant fixture! By September, he had served more than 500 hours for the House. The number of hours is impressive to donate in five months; however, the numbers of hours pale in comparison to Bob’s contributions to the House.

Bob’s personality lights up the House and has a positive impact on everyone. Bob makes himself available to help out with projects around the House. He also interacts with the guests who are going through traumatic events in their life. Bob takes the time to listen, and he has a way of bringing a smile to even the saddest face. Bob chooses to be positive and takes the time to always see the silver lining—not the cloud. Bob brings hope to the parents of critically ill children. He shares, empathized with their situations, and somehow he brings joy.

The guests stop by the reception area just to speak with Bob. The other volunteers cannot wait until he comes in so he can write in the Volunteer Communication Log book. Even the Executive Committee for the House knows Bob and looks forward to communicating with him.

Bob is a hero to many at the Ronald McDonald House and has impacted many lives with his compassion, dedication and peacefulness. In addition to his service to the staff, volunteers and guests of the Ronald McDonald House, Bob is a great family man. His sense of giving to the community is parallel to his sense of loyalty to his family. He takes care of his daughter and her children.