Sue Cushman

Daily Point of Light # 3515 Jul 25, 2007

Sue Cushman is a caring person who donates time to various agencies. She is an active member of AARP, works with the Swan Ecosystem Center and the Alpine Artisans. Sue also works with Meals on Wheels and is a part of the Upper Swan Valley History Group, a Women’s Support Group and the Swan Valley Birding Group.

Sue has volunteered many hours to AARP. She organizes a speech contest for two area elementary schools for the past 10 years. She also plans and organizes a two mile litter pick up in several areas in her county each year. Sue has also served on numerous committees and serves as a self-appointed care-giver. In the latter role, she provides meals, transportation, and care whenever there is a need.

Sue also participates at the Swan Ecosystem Center. She is a member of the Visitor Information Committee and she paints, saws timber and assists in clearing trails at the Center. In addition to this, Sue is an active participant in the Alpine Artisans. She works on the committee for 2Valley Stage by auditioning programs, supervising, fundraising, and providing housing and meals for participants.

Sue dedicates time to Meals on Wheels and the Upper Swan Valley History Group. She works on painting pottery for Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank. Sue also delivers meals whenever needed. She makes and sells ice cream cones for the July 4th History Exhibit. She also transcribes tapes to be written up in the history file.

In addition, Sue works with a Women’s Support Group, which is dealing with health and family problems. She is also a member of the Swan Valley Birding Group. She works to document bird species and number in the areas for eight months out of the year.

Sue is an active member of her Condon, MT community and Living Water Catholic Church, which is 22 miles south in Seeley Lake, MT. She donates her time to assist with education, the environment, the arts, feeding those in need and documenting important local history.