Bertha Croghan

Daily Point of Light # 3514 Jul 24, 2007

Bertha Croghan has been a long time resident of Missoula and volunteer at the YWCA. Since 1994, Bertha has advocated for women, men and children who are seeking to escape, or have escaped, violent relationships and sexual assault. She consistently works on the 24-hour crisis line at the emergency shelter and responds to sexual assault survivors.

The work Bertha does can be extremely hard work, but she has persisted in her activities within the movement to end violence with compassion and dedication. Bertha has been a volunteer since 1994, making her the longest-running volunteer at the YWCA. In addition to her work on the hotline, she also pitches in to make curtains for the shelter, white ribbons for Relationship Violence Awareness Month, and many other projects that the YWCA participates in.

In addition to Bertha’s commitment to the YWCA, she also participates in the Silent Witness Project. This organization’s mission is “to promote peace, healing, and responsibility in adult relationships in order to eliminate domestic violence murders in the United States by 2010.” On a local level, Bertha represents the efforts of the Silent Witness Project as a member of the Missoula Family Violence Council. As a member of the Missoula Family Violence council, Bertha contributes to the work to prevent violence in the community by volunteering her time to plan events and participate in subcommittees.

Bertha also has an active life in Missoula. She has raised her children in Missoula, and she exercises her body and spirit by participating in Tai Chi, bowling and clogging. She is a joy to be around and truly exemplifies the important contributions seniors make in the Missoula Area.