Pat Ault

Daily Point of Light # 3513 Jul 23, 2007

Lowell Elementary School is pleased to call Pat Ault one of their own. She is a dedicated foster grandparent who makes a difference in Lisa Thomas's classroom and the entire school each day she serves. Pat brings enthusiasm, compassion and order to the kindergarten children. The faculty, staff and children can count on Pat; she comes every Monday through Thursday.

Pat has been a foster grandparent for the past several years, and the school gives her rave reviews. She is prompt and always comes on her assigned days. Pat makes Lisa Thomas and her kindergarten class a priority in her life. She works closely with Lisa to provide the children with a quality education on a daily basis. Lisa has come to depend on and trust Pat, and she knows she can count on her to do an excellent job.

Pat is much more than a foster grandparent. She works with the children on a one-on-one basis and in small groups. Pat reinforces what Miss Thomas is teaching and helps the children to follow through on her classroom expectations. She set up the centers and other activities for Miss Thomas during the day. Pat also prepares snacks Monday through Thursday and even for Friday, when she is not at school.

Pat is an extra set of eyes and ears in the classroom. Her tasks include but are not limited to drying tears, tying shoes, monitoring the hallways and bathrooms and giving out hugs. She loves the children as her own, and they love her also. Pat is sympathetic to both their needs and the needs of Miss Thomas. Pat takes the children under her wing when they need it, and they blossom as a result of her nurturing and attentive ways.

Pat is a respected and admired member of the Lowell Elementary staff and community. Though she is assigned to Lisa Thomas's classroom, she will help others if she sees they are in need. Lowell would be lost without her!