Mayisha Akbar

Daily Point of Light # 3383 Jan 22, 2007

Mayisha is a volunteer program director and a real estate broker. In 1998, she purchased a home with stables in the heart of Compton so her three children could grow up in a positive, healthy rural lifestyle and Jr. Posse soon followed. The Jr. Posse provides inner-city kids with an after school program that supports alternatives to the gang and drug lifestyles facing our children.

The Compton Jr. Posse meets at Richland Farms, a little-known area of Compton zoned for horses. This year-round program, serves youth ages 5-17 and their families. These youth come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and tend to live in single parent households in the inner city. Jr. Posse provides youth with an after school program that supports alternatives to the gang and drug lifestyles.

Jr. Posse’s approach using horses is affirmed by international studies that show-teaming youth with animals teaches them responsibility, discipline, and increases self-esteem.

The Jr. Posse kids participate in all kinds of activities that are not only fun but provide unique opportunities to learn and grow though an equestrian-based approach that is focused on animal husbandry, riding skills, complete care and handling of horses, mentoring, self-development, anger management and conflict resolution. Each rider is assigned a horse and all the responsibilities that go with it. They learn to groom and to tack. They ride English and Western, even bareback. Many are accomplished equestrians who've competed in shows.

All of the Jr. Posse participants have a 3.0 or better. Mayisha teaches them everything there is to know about the animals. Most of the animals are abused and donated to her. The kids must learn how to take care of the horses before they can ride them.

The Jr. Posse participates in dozens of events every year like the Magic Johnson Foundation Carnival held in Compton. They bring horses and ponies to give rides to the local children as well host as a petting zoo with llamas, goats, sheep and many other animals!

Dev Staff