Michaela Patoilo

Daily Point of Light # 4018 Jun 29, 2009

At a young age, Michaela Patoilo has already made an immense impact on her community through spending her time improving local schools.

Michaela suffered a great loss when her 13-year-old cousin passed away due to heart disease. This loss fueled her desire to expand the American Heart Association’s efforts through “Jump Rope for Heart” in her schools. She began “Jump Rope for Heart” in her elementary school and didn’t stop there. As she moved on to middle school, she put together a team of her peers and together, with the supervision of their teachers, continued “Jump Rope for Heart”. This movement motivated three other schools in the area to follow their lead.

While this is a great achievement, this is not where Michaela’s volunteering subsides.
In order to obtain her Girl Scout Silver Award, Michaela adopted a third grade class that was lacking school supplies. She invested double the hours required in order to collect school supplies for the students as well as nearly 70 boxes of books for the charter school’s library. The students have more than enough supplies and the school’s students and faculty no longer have to go to the public library to check books.

Michaela volunteers her time simply because she wants to help to make the world a better place. This selfless devotion is why Michaela is a Daily Point of Light.