Megan Compton

Daily Point of Light # 4016 Jun 25, 2009

As a lover of animals, Megan Compton has worked to improve and extend the lives of animals by bridging the gap between animal control and the Humane Society in her community.

Described as kind, patient, and driven, Megan has worked tirelessly to improve the ways to delay and in some cases prevent euthanizing animals that once would have faced it much sooner. Euthanasia is an ongoing dilemma that is faced all over the country due to the over population of domesticated animals.
Megan is very hands-on when it comes to improving the service at the Humane Society. She works to improve all aspects of the shelter as well as to help recruit community members to volunteer their time. She also works to raise awareness around the community and attract people to adopt a pet and give it a loving home. Her devotion to animals and her community is why Megan is a Daily Point of Light.