Michele Fischer

Daily Point of Light # 4070 Sep 9, 2009

Michele (Shellie) Fischer devotes her time to generating funding for rare genetic disorders, collecting building materials for patient accomodations and sending computers free of charge to help advocates be more productive for their cause. She spends hours supporting patients and networking to provide additional opportunities for growth and development. Among other things, Shellie raises funds to donate wheelchairs to local schools and special needs children. She loves giving her time and talent to work with children who require extra love and assistance.

Shellie does more than most, and she does so desipte having hereditary spastic paraplegia. She still somehow has a level of energy that most struggle to match. Shellie is a known problem solver and people are always turning to her for help. Recently,Dr. John K. Fink at the University of Michigan needed funds for rare genetic disorders research. A foundation was not possible due to the lack of funding and staff. Shellie with her “can do” attitude, created TeamWalk. She paid $5,000 out of her own pocket and took countless risks to make it happen. In it’s first year TeamWalk raised $57,000, the second year it raised almost $100,000. It is now a signature event and has contributed nearly two million dollars to research in the last eight years.

Shellie never stops. Currently, she is creating awareness through denial films teaching kids to envy and admire kids with disabilities by showing their abilities and not limitations. She serves as a positive role model of how a person with a disability can and does make a difference everyday. This is why Shellie is a Daily Point of Light.