Daily Point of Light # 4071 Sep 10, 2009

Since 2007, Desiree Williams has reached beyond her nation’s borders to address educational, vocational, motivational and spiritual issues in the adoloescent community through the youth mentoring not-for-profit Students Designing Lives. As a a result of her work young people ages four to 17 are increasing economic viability of students, family and communities. Since 2007, Students Designing Lives has recognized and celebrated more than 300 children in art, reading, sports, hobbies and other talents. Globally, they have reached more than 91,000 people.

Desiree is an advocate for young people, from preschool to college. She enjoys working hands-on in her community, ministering vital information to at-risk youth, foster children and local charter school programs. Students Designing Lives inspires young people to dream, explore, learn and soar – all the way paving the way to successful scholastic and vocational achievement.

Desiree is a true inspiration. She is ambitious and motivated, which ignites others around her to aspire to be more. For this, Desiree is a Daily Point of Light.