Nicole Chang

Daily Point of Light # 4072 Sep 11, 2009

Children growing up in poverty stricken neighborhoods surrounded by violence, drugs and ignorance are vulnerable to a variety of negative outcomes, from drug abuse to school drop out. It has been proven that if you provide a child with stability, structure, a positive image, resources, opportunity and love that the chances for survival and success increasedexponentially. This is the belief and vision of Our Legacy.

Recognizing that there should be many vehicles for children on their road to success, Our Legacy created an open, caring and structured environment that facilitates educational resilience and success through various programs and community projects for at-risk youth within the community. Our Legacy’s Model gives the teens the opportunity, resources, structure, stability, encouragement and empowerment through our E.M.E.R.S.E. (Establishing a Mindset for Educational Resilience so Students can Excel) programs and our C.O.R.E. (Choice Ownership Respect and Evaluate) values.

Some of the things the teens learn include social etiquette as well as business protocol, table manners, and the importance of associating with positive people. They experience new things, while learning more about themsleves, culture and history. These lessons prepare the teens for life’s challenges.
This is why Out Legacy is a Daily Point of Light.