Daily Point of Light # 2107 Mar 1, 2002

Mike Madden currently serves as President of the Campbell County Jaycees. The Jaycees or Junior Chamber of Commerce is an organization that offers Leadership Development through community service, and Madden has been a committed member of the Jaycees for the past 13 years. During his tenure of service with the organization, he has done quite a bit to ensure that children have toys and clothing, families have food, charities are funded, lives are rebuilt, seniors are not forgotten, and the environment is safer and cleaner.

Madden has participated in or has run many community projects. He served at Steinford Toys for Needy Children, Coats and Shoes for Kids and Adults, Bowl-A-Thon for Literacy, Santa Land for Low Income Inner City Children, Adopt-A-House, Adopt-A-Road, MDA Fundraising, and Senior Citizens Dinners and Bingos. In addition, he has organized and participated in the Can and Food Drives for the local needy. All of this has been done through donations without costing the Jaycees a dime. Madden has been a part of all these programs for the past nine years.

In 1996, Madden instituted the Tornado Relief Program. When a tornado struck Louisville, Kentucky, Madden set up a network of stores and churches to be used as drop off points. Within a four-day period, Madden and his volunteers were able to fill a 53-foot rental truck with clothes, household items, pet food, and cash. The program still exists today and lent aid to Grayson County during their tornado last year. Madden and the Jaycees also participated in the flood cleanup. Twenty-seven Jaycees helped flood victims back into their homes in Bromley, Ludlow, and Falmouth over a three-week period.

Madden and the Campbell County Jaycees also started a Public Safety Cable Show. The Jaycees, along with the Northern KY Fire Fighters Association are producing safety videos to be aired on the local cable channels and will cover subjects from safe driving during hazardous conditions to Christmas light safety and all subjects in between. One of Madden’s most notable contributions to the community is his Creek Restoration in Kentucky (CRIK) that was started in 1999. CRIK is a collaborative effort of the Jaycees in Northern Kentucky, the Sanitation District NO.1, and the Northern Kentucky solid waste Coordinator. Since its inception, CRIK has enlisted more than 200 volunteers who educate students and adults about pollution in their streams. This project has located and cleaned up five major dumpsites and has grown into a statewide program in just three years.

Mike Madden is a man of vision. He sees potential where many see failure and has spent his adult life believing and following the Jaycees Creed, which states in part, “Service to humanity is the best work of life.”