Daily Point of Light # 5262 Jul 16, 2014

When Kathy Meadow’s started looking for volunteer projects that her son could be included in during the year, she realized that activities for children were not as easily present. That is when Kathy got the vision for MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS and founded a chapter in Plano, Texas in 2003.

MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS is a volunteer-run organization that empowers kids to change the world by helping others and changing themselves in the process. It uses a spy concept that captivates the kids’ imaginations so they become “special agents” on top secret missions to change the world, particularly helping the homeless, hungry, and the hurting. They are given specific hands-on mission projects to help their communities and individuals worldwide, specifically helping over 1,000 different charities and non-profits.

Together MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS in 35 states have helped 1.8 MILLION people in need in our communities. The habit of “doing”, the way kids learn best, instills in them a discovery of their own potential which spills over into their academics and every aspect of their lives, while creating a lifelong commitment to making a difference.

MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS is the only organization that provides a regular way for elementary-aged kids to plug in and make a difference, not just in their own communities, but in towns and villages around the globe. It is not about them raising money but instead about hands-on projects they do to help people in their own communities and beyond. Give a child an opportunity to help a child on the other side of the planet and they begin to see the sky is the limit to what they can accomplish. These are only a few qualities that make this organization so unique.

There is too much unmet need in the world, more than can be met by government resources and more than can be met by our current level of volunteerism. MISSION POSSIBLE KID’s vision is to build a much larger and more capable volunteer base both now and in the future, by starting with America’s kids.

Kathy’s goal with MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS is to create a society where service is the norm by starting a national movement of kids who want to, not “have to,” change the world, thus affecting the kind of people the children grow up to be. In the process, kids are learning about community and world needs while, most importantly, learning that they are never too young to make a difference.

Inspired by Kathy’s story? Find out how you can personally start a chapter in your hometown to continue the legacy of MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS! http://www.missionpossiblekids.org/pages/startchapter.asp

Dev Staff