Nancy Welton

Daily Point of Light # 5310 Sep 22, 2014

Nancy Welton believes all boys should have the opportunity to build character, learn about their responsibilities as citizens and develop personal fitness goals with help from the Boy Scouts. For that reason, Nancy founded Boy Scout Troop 4 in the most unlikely of places: inside the gates of Adobe Mountain School, a juvenile detention center in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more than seven years Nancy has delivered invaluable character education and leadership activities to a group of youths that many people had already written off as a lost cause. Nancy works to find the very best volunteers to help bring the ideals of Scouting to a group of young men that need more positive influences in their lives.

Nancy projects the image and vision that all scout leaders aim for: she is loyal to her cause, and her friendly attitude motivates those around her. Over the seven-year period that this troop has operated, Nancy has successfully mobilized support from the Juvenile Detention community. She has leveraged a strong cadre of the best volunteers to give extra time and effort to a cause that could forever change the futures for incarcerated youths. These young people are given a second chance and motivation to not repeat the mistakes that resulted in their lost liberties.

Nancy’s message is that “Everyone deserves a second chance to prove their worth, regardless of their past. The future is always open to change by the nature of one’s choices. Be prepared – for life!”

Nancy has been involved with Boy Scouts of America for more than a decade. Some 140 boys have progressed through the ranks of Troop 4 over the last seven years, and because of the work that Nancy is doing inside the fence, young boys are turning their lives around when they leave the facility. Nancy is forever changing the course of life for these young men, teaching them how to keep themselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

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Dev Staff