Natalie Mohn

Daily Point of Light # 4589 Sep 8, 2011

Natalie Mohn has been helping the elderly in her neighborhood and community since she was very young. When Natalie was in fifth grade she began helping the physically and mentally challenged children in her school, which led her to helping at Camp Seymour as a teen leadership trainee during her senior year of high school. Natalie received several awards for her volunteer work, which ultimately led to her making a life decision to become a special education teacher of pre-school aged children. In addition to her work with children, she also helped at local food banks ad senior centers. The past four years, Natalie has put in approximately 1,000 hours a year volunteering.
Natalie was recognized as the high school student who volunteered more hours than anyone in Pierce County, Wash. Her a gift for special needs is so important since one in 38 children are on the autism spectrum and need all the love they can find. In case her heart was enough, Natalie herself is learning disabled, she is Aspergers autistic. Her daily challenges are immeasurable. Knowing firsthand how it feels to need extra help because of a disability puts Natalie in a truly special light. Overcoming bullying, being left out by groups and being made fun of are just a few of the circumstances Natalie can identify with. The high school staff, camp staff and most people who know Natalie are in total awe of her amazing effect on the world.
Natalie is an amazing person with an exceptional heart who has a magical ability to make change. This is why Natalie is a Daily Point of Light.