Earl Flower

Daily Point of Light # 4590 Sep 9, 2011

At 85, Earl Flower is retiring from volunteer service after spending more than 1,300 hours giving back to his community since 2002. During these years he volunteered with his local food pantry, church, built homes and provided aid in the establishment and management of the ReStore organization. ReStore provides furniture, appliances, building materials and supplies at thrift store prices that support building and repairing homes. Earl served as volunteer manager for ReStore in 2008 for four months. Without his help, the organization would have lost significant program and self-generated revenue due to reduced operations.
Earl also helped build homes for low-income people approved for his community’s Habitat for Humanity program and simultaneously mentored young volunteers. The community now has a successful Habitat organization consisting of 14 homes in the city of Staunton, Va. due in part to Earl’s support.
Earl has touched the hearts and lives of everyone he has encountered. He has a great sense of humor and a loving heart. His business insight and personnel management skills are unique assets that benefited the program greatly. This is why Earl is a Daily Point of Light.