Mason Cares

Daily Point of Light # 4591 Sep 12, 2011

Mason Cares is a group of volunteers that come together each 9/11 in order to honor the memory of the individuals who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks on America as well as local police, fire departments and rescue personnel for the daily service they provide to their community.
Some of the projects the team has worked on are helping the volunteer fire department with the maintenance items that they can’t get to, putting together information packets for fire safety for community members and collecting donations to purchase safety equipment.
This is an event that unites volunteers of all ages, including special needs children working alongside state senators and representatives. The whole community comes together to honor and show appreciation for those we lost in the terrible events of 9/11 and those that are there to serve their neighbor at a moment’s notice. That is why the volunteers on the Mason Cares team are Daily Points of Light.