Daily Point of Light # 2304 Dec 3, 2002

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Community Development Corporation, Inc. (NNCDC, Inc.) is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian corporation established in 1995 to provide urgently needed community services to low-income/minority residents of eastern Delaware County and to express its commitment to social responsibility and community development.

Over two thousand five hundred (2,500) households receive services directly in southeast Delaware County through the NNCDC, Inc. Services delivered by the NNCDC, Inc. are designed to improve academic performance of youth and adult populations; decrease risk and unproductive behavior of youth; promote literacy; provide quality out-of-school care; promote the well-rounded development of youth and adult populations; improve self -esteem and socialization skills for youth.

They promote youth leadership and development, improve access to health care services and decrease health-related problems in the community; meet the nutritional needs of low-income households, counsel at-risk and prison populations and prepare them for productive, self-sufficient living in the community. NNCDC also delivers needed services/supplies to the homeless population and delivers needed/supportive services to elderly/homebound populations. These services include, but are not limited to: – After-School Enrichment Program – Community Health Services – Emergency Food Program – Employment & Training – Camp Joy (Summer Day Camp) – Friday Night at the Movies – Youth Mentoring Outreach Program – Youth Offender Program – Community Outreach & Homeless Programs – Computer Training/Instruction – Adult Literacy Services – Transportation – Learning Activities Through Community Help (LATCH-On) – Summer Swim Program – Community Recreation Programs – Homebound/Senior Services Program – Community Linkage/Networking – Community Service Volunteerism

Services provided by the NNCDC, Inc. are performed/conducted primarily by volunteers who are community residents and who possess all credentials and/or experience necessary to effectively assist the NNCDC, Inc. in the delivery of community services. In addition, these volunteers’ and staffs’ extensive knowledge of the community and issues facing low-income/ minority persons ensures maximum community and client impact with regard to service delivery. Additionally, NNCDC, Inc. receives funding support from a wide range of public, private, corporate, foundation and community sources, and coordinates with a variety of private and community organizations to efficiently and effectively provide needed community services.