Nina Faulk-Knight

Daily Point of Light # 5711 Apr 5, 2016

For as long as she can remember, the act of volunteering has always been a passion for Nina Faulk-Knight. Growing up, watching her mother and grandmother give back to their local community, Nina realized then the power she had to truly make a difference. Whether it's her volunteer work at church, mentoring young children or helping with adult literacy, Nina has always been at the forefront of change in her community.

nina-faulk-knight.pngNina Faulk-Knight

Since 2010 Nina has worked directly with the AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly (LCE). The Legal counsel provides free legal and social work for low-income seniors in the Washington D.C. area. Nina serves as a liaison between the lawyers and clients, giving a voice to those often forgotten about.

"Volunteering at LCE is educational, inspiring, technically challenging, and I enjoy every moment … It is truly the best "job" I've ever had," said Nina.

For over 40 years the LCE has been campaigning and championing the dignity and rights of elderly citizens. For those D.C. residents 55 and older, LCE has helped stop home foreclosures and evictions, produce wills and the powers of attorney, represent seniors victimized by scams and predators, as well as a bevy of other social and legal needs. For decades, LCE has been devoted to empowering, defending and protecting vulnerable seniors.

Working with LCE, Nina has been more than a bridge linking the elders with their proper representation; she is also vital in LCE's operations. Nina has been instrumental in converting older and outdated computer processes, helping make case-tracking systems more user friendly and efficient.

It is the heart and selflessness of people like Nina Faulk-Knight that continues to uplift and empower those who need it most.

Dev Staff